How to Make a WordPress Website 2021 – Beginner Friendly

This is a complete WordPress tutorial on how to make a website in April 2021 easy..
A step by step tutorial on How to Make a WordPress Website 2021 beginner friendly and see how to setup and make your own website in just 60 minutes!

You don’t need any previous experience to create your own April 2021 website!

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Hey, my name is Daryl and today I’ll be helping you all create your own website step-by-step and you won’t need to know a thing about coding or any HTML.

Everything in this video is done with a brand new drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress that comes with hundreds of just beautiful designed and pre-made sections and templates for your website.

It’s so easy, you simply grab a section, you edit it how you want it to look, you can make it bigger or you can make it smaller, you can change the text or the fonts or even create your own section by simply dragging these elements with this drag-and-drop page builder.

Plus let’s not forget these amazing world class design pre-made templates that will help you make your website faster and look more professional than ever so you can have your website up and running in a few clicks.

So if you want to start a business for yourself or for your friend or even start your own web design business, this tutorial is for you and don’t you want to be able to finally say that you know how to use WordPress.

WordPress powers more than one third of the internet with over 75 million websites out there using it and various big companies use WordPress like Mercedes Benz, Sony, Snoop Dogg, Microsoft, Star Wars, Sweden’s official website and yes even the uses WordPress.

In this video I’ll be teaching you how to use it and honestly, it’s really inspiring to me and it pushes me to make these videos when I see comments and emails from viewers who have literally started their own website or web design business just by simply watching some of these videos.

Like here we have Scott who has said he literally started his own web design business just by simply watching one of my YouTube videos and also right here we have Bain who’s been saying that he started a website and completed it in 30 minutes just by simply watching what might be YouTube videos.

I mean 30 minutes is pretty fast you know and to them congratulations, truly congratulations to each of those people for starting their own business and again thank you.. I really do appreciate the support so at the end this video guys you’re gonna be able to make your own professional and modern looking websites.

Remember if you have any problems, pause the video, go back, go get a beer, go get a snack or whatever it is that you do to make yourself more comfortable.

How to Make a WordPress Website 2021 – Beginner Friendly

With that said, let’s get started with this WordPress tutorial.. so the first thing we’ll do is get our web-hosting and your domain name.

So for example or and after that we are going to install WordPress

Again WordPress powers more than one third of the Internet. It’s the most popular platform for making websites out there.

After that we are going to install a free WordPress theme and a brand-new free WordPress page builder called Brizy.

Brizy Pro For WordPress

It’s amazing, you’re gonna love it and it’s super easy and then after that we’re going to create your amazing websites and I promise you’re gonna love it it’s gonna look crazy alright..

Now there’s a link below in the description and it’ll take you to a page that looks just like this right here.

This is Siteground, I used them for two years now and is why I do recommend Siteground. You know why I recommend this company over others, it’s because this company performed number one against 16 other web hosting companies.

How to Make a WordPress Website 2021 – Beginner Friendly

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